Help HI-CHEW™ celebrate 10 years in the United States by honoring its Japanese roots!

HI-CHEW™ has been launched in 170 flavors in Japan since 1975.

To celebrate Morinaga America Inc.'s 10-Year Anniversary, we are bringing an exclusive flavor out of the vault and asking our fans to vote on which flavor they would like to see in the United States!

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Enjoy two fruity flavors at once with Apricot Peach, a winning combination of summer sweetness. With a peachy center covered by an apricot shell, this HI-CHEW™ flavor brings back warm memories in one juicy bite.

Known for being extra juicy, the Asian pear is the perfect inspiration for a HI-CHEW™ flavor. This chewlet offers a bit of tartness combined with an unexpected burst of butterscotch.

Soft drinks in unique flavors have become very popular in Japan. Banana Fizz incorporates the flavor of a just ripened banana with the evervescent texture of soda for sweet refreshment in one bite.

Only the ripest of melons here! HI-CHEW™ Cantaloupe packs a punch of sweetness with just a touch of tartness.

HI-CHEW™ Chocolate Banana's flavor isn't monkeying around! You're treated to a chewy, fresh banana flavor followed by a note of cocoa on the finish in one sweet bite.

This unique HI-CHEW™ flavor offers a classic combination, pairing a decadent hard chocolate shell with a chewy, banana-filled center.

Inspired by the classic treat, this Chocolate Covered Strawberry HI-CHEW™ offers a juicy strawberry chew in a rich, chocolate shell.

This HI-CHEW™ flavor blends a juicy melon chewlet with a dark chocolate shell for a surprisingly sweet treat you'll want to savor again and again.

HI-CHEW™'s Cotton Candy reveals a melt-in-your-mouth, sweet vanilla flavor that brings memories of nights on the ferris wheel. Each chewlet has a subtle granulated texture, reminiscent of freshly-spun cotton candy.

Made with real fruit pieces, the rich flavors of cranberry and grape can be enjoyed with each bite of this HI-CHEW™ flavor.

With a bright pink and purple hue, HI-CHEW™ Dragonfruit is packed full of sweet, yet refreshing fruit-flavor with a hint of tang!

Like biting into a juicy green apple, this chewy bite shares a refreshingly minty finish to tickle your tastebuds.

Inspired by one of Hawaii's most exotic fruits, Lilikoi is subtly tart and incredibly sweet. This true-to-fruit HI-CHEW™ flavor tastes like you're cutting open the fruit straight off the vine!

With Asian origins, the lychee fruit is typically enjoyed as fresh as possible. HI-CHEW™'s Lychee flavor perfectly mimics this freshness in every chewlet, from the aroma to the final bite!

A taste of the tropics even when you're no where close to sun and sand, HI-CHEW™'s Mango Pineapple delivers a burst of fresh fruit flavor. With pieces of real-fruit inside, each bite has a bit of tartness to balance the juicy sweetness of the tropical fruit flavors.

Is it pineapple or is it peach? It's both! At the center of this flavor-changing chew is sweet peach wrapped in the tropical sweetness of pineapple.

Combining the smooth, velvety taste of classic cheesecake with the bright juiciness of fresh strawberries, Stawberry Cheesecake HI-CHEW™ is perfect to indulge in for dessert!

Prepare to pucker! Sweet & Sour Lemon Crunch HI-CHEW™ provides an electric candy crunch in every citrus-filled bite.

Like biting into a fresh watermelon slice on a hot summer day, this HI-CHEW™ flavor is incredibly juicy and refreshing, with a bright pink color.

The tart, creamy flavor of your favorite yogurt comes to life in every smooth, chewy bite of Yogurt HI-CHEW™.

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Be sure to check back in April to see what Japanese flavor will be on shelves in the United States in 2019!

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