Edible 8 Bracket

Edible Eight

Choose your favorite in each matchup!

Black Cherry

Cherish this deliciously sweet and juicy chew! Each bite will have you reaching for another!



Get ready for freshly chopped flavor! Melon is a decadent take on freshly chopped fruit while sweet overtones of honeydew and cantaloupe will have your taste buds feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Strawberry Lemonade

Not too sweet, not too sour, and no ice necessary! We’re serving up the perfect Strawberry Lemonade flavor!


Passion Fruit

Passionate from miles away, you’re sure to fall in love with the sweet and tangy flavor of Passion Fruit! This chew’s got a deliciously fresh taste with a tart and tropical twist.


No need to be blue—this classic take on a sweet treat is berry refreshing! Just as you bite down on a real blueberry, this succulent flavor explosion will have you reaching for it by the handfuls.


Blue Hawaii

This chew’s bringing a BIG wave of flavor! Inspired by everyone’s favorite frosty drink, enjoy a burst of tropical, fruity goodness with Blue Hawaii!


Raspberry is ready to knock out the competition! Each chew packs a punch of sweetness!


White Peach

It really is peach perfection! This fresh-picked flavor harmoniously pairs a subtle ripe floral taste with the nostalgic juiciness of a peach.

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Come back on 9/21 to see what flavors made it to the Flavorful Four and vote for your favorites!

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