A Mouthwatering Collaboration from HI-CHEW™ and Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

A Mouthwatering Collaboration from HI-CHEW™ and Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

As rising temperatures make their seasonal debut and a cold pick-me-up is essential, this exciting mashup is the ideal treat to enjoy all month long. Inspired by HI-CHEW’s™ new Dragon Fruit candy, the team at Menchie’s worked closely with HI-CHEW’s flavor experts to develop a delicious frozen yogurt that brings the candy’s burst of fruit juices to life. The mouthwatering new flavor highlights the rich pink color of the real tropical fruit, combined with the creamy, cooling delight frozen yogurt naturally delivers. This nonfat flavor contains no artificial flavors, no artificial colors, and no high fructose corn syrup.

The HI-CHEW™ Dragon Fruit candy debuted earlier this year in the HI-CHEW™ Superfruit Mix, which also includes Açaí and Kiwi. The candy flavor made its way to the United States after winning HI-CHEW’s 2018 East Meets West Flavor Challenge, in which consumers nationwide voted for the top Japanese flavor they would like to see available this year. Dragon Fruit has continued to be incredibly popular and beloved by HI-CHEW™ fanatics and candy fans across the country.

“We are continuously looking for creative opportunities to excite and attract new HI-CHEW™ fans, and we’re intrigued by the idea of reimagining HI-CHEW’s true-to-fruit flavors in an unexpected way,” said Tatsuya Takamiya, Chief Marketing Officer of Morinaga America, Inc. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with Menchie’s to bring a refreshing new way to enjoy HI-CHEW™ Dragon Fruit. It’s also exciting to see the Dragon Fruit flavor trending outside of candy and being introduced in other categories such as in beverages and snacks.”

“Menchie’s is committed to providing delicious, high-quality, innovative frozen yogurt flavors that make our guests smile,” said Elizabeth Berry, Senior Director of Marketing at Menchie’s. “There’s always a new flavor to taste at our stores and we’re thrilled to partner with HI-CHEW™ this summer on the new Dragon Fruit frozen yogurt flavor that we know will surprise and delight our fans.”

HI-CHEW™ continues to conduct intensive research to perfect its chews for the American palate, adding new and unique options to its portfolio each year. The candy brand has grown immensely since entering the U.S. market, with business up 122% from 2017 to 2018and year-over-year double-digit growth over the past eight years. As one billion pieces of HI-CHEW™ were eaten this past year, the growing fanfare and love for the brand’s unique, fun offerings show no signs of slowing down. Similarly, Menchie’s is known for delighting fans with a wide variety of flavors since 2007, making the self-serve frozen yogurt company the perfect partner to create this delectable new delight.

The new HI-CHEW™ Dragon Fruit Frozen Yogurt is available for purchase for a limited time at Menchie’s locations beginning July 1st. For more information on Menchie’s, including how to find a store near you, please visit www.menchies.com, or like us on Facebook, or follow @MyMenchies on Instagram and Twitter.

To learn more about HI-CHEW™ and purchase your favorite flavors, please visit us online at HI-CHEW.com, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram (@HICHEWUSA) and Twitter (@HICHEW).

About Morinaga America, Inc.:
Established in 2008, Morinaga America, Inc. is the official manufacturer and distributor of HI-CHEW™ in the United States. With over 185 flavors of HI-CHEW™ having debuted in Japan, Morinaga America, Inc. has introduced the United States market to the best of Japanese confectionery. Morinaga America, Inc. (marketing and sales) and Morinaga America Foods, Inc. (manufacturing) are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Morinaga & Co., Ltd., which began in 1899 as the first, modern candy maker and producer of chocolates in Japan. Morinaga America, Inc. opened in the United States in 2015.

About HI-CHEW™:
The history of Morinaga stretches back over a century when company founder Taichiro Morinaga brought his candy making skills to Japan from America in the 1800s. HI-CHEW™ has long been the best-selling soft candy in Japan and continues to see year-over-year growth throughout other parts of Asia and in the United States. In the United States, HI-CHEW™ is currently offered in the following flavors: Strawberry, Green Apple, Mango, Grape, Banana, Kiwi, Açaí and Caramel Apple. HI-CHEW™ also offers a Tropical Mix with Kiwi, Mango, and Pineapple, a Superfruit Mix with Açaí, Kiwi and Dragon Fruit and a Sweet & Sour Mix with Grapefruit, Lemon and Watermelon. HI-CHEW™ is made with real fruit juice and purees and is 100% free of gluten, cholesterol and artificial colors. HI-CHEW™ continues to expand fruity, chewy flavor offerings annually.

About Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt:
Menchie’s is North America’s largest self-serve frozen yogurt franchise. With more than 500 stores, the franchise has locations open in the United StatesCanadaJapanChinaIndiaSaudi ArabiaQatar, and Puerto Rico. Guaranteeing happiness in every cup, the brand offers guests premium rotating yogurt flavors and delicious toppings for unlimited combinations in every bite. The proprietary collection is made from the milk of “happy” California cows, which have not been treated with artificial growth hormones (rBST).  Menchie’s frozen yogurt contains live and active cultures and has received the Live and Active Culture (LAC) seal indicating its endorsement by the National Yogurt Association.

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