Bite-Size Chew, Big Fruit Flavor: Introducing New HI-CHEW™ Bites

Bite-Size Chew, Big Fruit Flavor: Introducing New HI-CHEW™ Bites

(IRVINE, Calif.) February 15, 2023 – HI-CHEW™, the immensely fruity, intensely chewy candy reimagines its beloved chewlets with the all new HI-CHEW™ Bites, a convenient way to enjoy your favorite chew on the go. The new HI-CHEW™ Bites comes in bite-size packaging, with unwrapped chewlets, featuring three of the most popular flavors: MangoGreen Apple and Strawberry.

Until now, the core lineup of HI-CHEW™ offerings have mainly featured individually wrapped chewlets. With the latest introduction of HI-CHEW™ Bites, HI-CHEW™ was on a mission to ensure that brand fans and candy lovers alike could reach for a bag of their favorite fruity, chewy candy for any occasion. The new HI-CHEW™ Bites makes it the ideal grab-and-go option for road-trips with friends, in between classes or as a quick afternoon treat.

Offered in three mouth-watering flavors sure to keep consumers coming back for more, HI-CHEW™ Bites gives enthusiasts a new, fun way to experience HI-CHEW™.

  • Mango transports your taste-buds to a tropical island oasis
  • Green Apple offers a balanced blend of sweet and tart flavors for the perfect pucker
  • Strawberry is a sweet and satisfying twist on your favorite summer fruit

The brand’s innovative technology continues within HI-CHEW™ Bites, allowing each bite-size chew to bring its fruit flavor to life. The unwrapped chewlets are coated in a plant-derived powder that helps to keep the candy from sticking together without compromising the chewy texture. While smaller in size, each chewlet stays true to the core HI-CHEW™ mission – to create immensely fruity and intensely chewy snacking experience.

“Our brand fans have been requesting a version of HI-CHEW™ that is easily accessible and can be eaten on-the-go,” said Teruhiro Kawabe (Terry), Chief Representative for the USA & President, CEO of Morinaga America, Inc. “Now, HI-CHEW™ Bites gives consumers that option. They can easily grab a handful of chewlets at once or pick out their favorite flavor to easily pop into their mouth. With the expansive HI-CHEW™ product line-up, there is an option for everyone, no matter their product preferences.”

HI-CHEW™ was created as a flavorful disruptor within the candy category and has transformed into the fruity chewy phenomenon it is today. Since its launch, HI-CHEW™ has been constantly driven by flavor innovation and continues to conduct extensive research to develop the perfect flavors for all consumers to enjoy. With nearly one billion pieces of HI-CHEW™ consumed each year, consumers can’t get enough of the fruity-chewy candy brand.

HI-CHEW™ contains no colors from synthetic sources and is gluten-free. HI-CHEW™ Bites is offered in a 2.12 ounce bag for a suggested retail price of $1.99 (varies per market). HI-CHEW™ Bites is currently available at participating 7-11 and Speedway locations nationwide, with wider retail distribution planned for later this year. To learn more about HI-CHEW™ and purchase your favorite products, please visit us online at, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram (@HICHEWUSA).


About Morinaga America, Inc.:
Established in 2008, Morinaga America, Inc. is the official distributor of HI-CHEW™, Chargel™ and FI-BEING™ in the United States. Morinaga America, Inc. (marketing and sales) and Morinaga America Foods, Inc. (manufacturing) are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Morinaga & Co., Ltd., which began in 1899 as the first, modern candy maker and producer of chocolates in Japan. In 2015, Morinaga America, Inc. opened its first United States manufacturing facility in North Carolina. With over 200 flavors of HI-CHEW™ having debuted in Japan, Morinaga America, Inc. has introduced the United States market to the best of Japanese confectionery.

About HI-CHEW™:
The history of Morinaga stretches back over a century when company founder Taichiro Morinaga brought his candy-making skills to Japan from America in the 1800s. HI-CHEW™ has long been the best-selling soft candy in Japan and continues to see year-over-year growth throughout other parts of Asia and in the United States. In the United States, HI-CHEW™ is currently offered in sticks, peg bags, and stand-up pouches. The HI-CHEW™ sticks come in a variety of flavors including Strawberry, Green Apple, Mango, Grape, Banana, Kiwi, Açaí, and Sweet & Sour Watermelon. HI-CHEW™ also offers peg bags in the following flavors: Original Mix, Tropical Mix, Superfruit Mix, Sweet & Sour Mix, Soda Pop Mix, Berry Mix, Plus Fruit, Fantasy Mix and new Reduced Sugar. The Stand-Up Pouches are available in Original Mix, Tropical Mix, Sweet and Sour Mix, Fruit Combos, and Infrusions Orchard Mix. HI-CHEW™ is made with concentrated fruit juices and is free of gluten, with no colors from synthetic sources. HI-CHEW™ continues to expand fruity, chewy flavor offerings annually. In 2020, HI-CHEW™ won a Nielsen Design Impact Award for its new Original Mix packaging update that hit shelves in 2019. For more information, visit

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