Sip Into Summer With The New HI-CHEW™ Soda Pop Mix

Sip Into Summer With The New HI-CHEW™ Soda Pop Mix

HI-CHEW™ introduces the Soda Pop Mix as the American palate continues to expand, giving candy lovers an effervescent experience that can only be matched by a thirst-quenching sip of your favorite soda flavor. Ramune, a classic carbonated soft drink originating from Japan, continues to be enjoyed and explored by consumers around the world. The new HI-CHEW™ chewlet highlights the beverage’s tangy lemon-lime flavor. HI-CHEW™ Cola honors the traditional soda known and loved in the United States, presenting the refreshing, fizzy taste of the classic.

“We are always looking to develop exciting new offerings within our growing HI-CHEW™ portfolio, and the introduction of Soda Pop, which celebrates global flavors from both the United States and Japan, was the perfect addition,” said Tatsuya Takamiya, Chief Marketing Officer of Morinaga America, Inc. “With detailed research and experimentation, our flavor innovation team worked meticulously to mimic the nostalgic, fan-favorite flavors found within the new Soda Pop Mix.”

In honor of the new product, HI-CHEW™ is offering a “Buy One Soda Pop Mix, Get One 50% Off” deal exclusively on starting today, June 18 through June 30, for fans everywhere to enjoy the mix and share it with families and friends.

The HI-CHEW™ Soda Pop Mix is a further extension of HI-CHEW’s dedication to flavor creation, with extensive research into consumer preferences and trends behind every product launch for the brand. HI-CHEW™ is now available in 16 flavor offerings in the United States, with the brand seeing year-over-year double digit growth since its introduction to the United States market in 2008, showing the candy’s immense growth with the American audience.

The HI-CHEW™ Soda Pop Mix is offered in a 2.82-ounce peg bag for a suggested retail price of $2.59 (varies per market). HI-CHEW™ Soda Pop Mix is available on the HI-CHEW website. To learn more about HI-CHEW™, please like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram (@HICHEWUSA) and Twitter (@HICHEW).

About Morinaga America, Inc.:
Established in 2008, Morinaga America, Inc. is the official distributor of HI-CHEW™ in the United States. With over 185 flavors of HI-CHEW™ having debuted in Japan, Morinaga America, Inc. has introduced the United States market to the best of Japanese confectionery. Morinaga America, Inc. (marketing and sales) and Morinaga America Foods, Inc. (manufacturing) are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Morinaga & Co., Ltd., which began in 1899 as the first, modern candy maker and producer of chocolates in Japan. In 2015, Morinaga America, Inc. opened its first United States manufacturing facility in North Carolina.

About HI-CHEW™:
The history of Morinaga stretches back over a century when company founder Taichiro Morinaga brought his candy making skills to Japan from America in the 1800s. HI-CHEW™ has long been the best-selling soft candy in Japan and continues to see year-over-year growth throughout other parts of Asia and in the United States. In the United States, HI-CHEW™ is currently offered in the following flavors: Strawberry, Green Apple, Mango, Grape, Banana, Kiwi, Açaí, and Sweet & Sour Watermelon. HI-CHEW™ also offers a Tropical Mix with Kiwi, Mango, and Pineapple, a Superfruit Mix with Açaí, Kiwi and Dragon Fruit, a a Sweet & Sour Mix with Grapefruit, Lemon and Watermelon, a Fruit Combos Mix with Tropical Smoothie and Piña Colada and Soda Pop Mix with Cola and Ramune. HI-CHEW™ is made with concentrated fruit juices and is 100% free of gluten, cholesterol and synthetic colors. HI-CHEW™ continues to expand fruity, chewy flavor offerings annually.

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