The first HI-CHEW® Bite-Size Candy Shop launched in New York City this summer

The HI-CHEW® Bite-Size Candy Shop Hits the Road This Fall

Due to popular demand, HI-CHEW® is bringing its fun and colorful pop-up candy shop to Dallas, Los Angeles, and Miami.

IRVINE, Calif., Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Following the tremendous success of the Bite-Size Candy Shop in New York City this past June, HI-CHEW®, the immensely fruity, intensely chewy candy, is bringing its one-of-a-kind pop-up experience to three more cities this fall: Dallas, Los Angeles, and Miami.

From experiencing the brand’s fascinating history and colorful packaging to snagging newly released products, exclusive flavors, and brand-new merch, the Bite-Size Candy Shop transports brand fans through a journey of all things HI-CHEW®. The Bite-Size Candy Shop weekend tour rollout is as follows:

  • Dallas: September 15-17 at Galleria Dallas
    • Address: 13340 Dallas Parkway, Dallas TX 75240
    • Hours of Operation at local time: Friday & Saturday: 10am-8pm; Sunday: 12pm-6pm
  • Los Angeles: October 27-29 at The Grove
    • Address: 189 The Grove Dr., Los Angeles CA 90036
    • Hours of Operation at local time: Friday & Saturday: 10am – 10pm; Sunday: 11am – 8pm
  • Miami: November 10-12 in Wynwood
    • Address: 265 NE 24th Street, Miami FL 33137
    • Hours of Operation at local time: Friday & Saturday: 11am – 7pm; Sunday: 11am – 6pm

In Dallas, consumers will be able to explore Galleria Dallas and shop to their heart’s desire while chewing on their favorite candy. As HI-CHEW® treks over to the West Coast, The Grove provides a trendy spot with an open-air environment, making it an ideal place to kick-off Halloween weekend festivities. Lastly, Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood provides an artsy atmosphere filled with colorful murals that match HI-CHEW’s fun brand vibe.

With inspiration from the brand’s whimsical and vibrant packaging, the Bite-Size Candy Shop immediately sparks the same joy that consumers get when they take the first bite of their favorite HI-CHEW® flavor. Stepping into the space, customers are immersed in a fruit-forward world that evokes a sense of fun and uniqueness. Each location brings a new element that’s specific to the city, combining consumers’ hometown flare with their favorite chewy candy. Consumers will also be transported around the world as they explore the brand’s history and browse the display of global flavors to get inspired for future travels.

The Bite-Size Candy Shop will feature exclusive fan-favorites such as Yogurt Mix, Pineapple, and Lillikoi, as well as classic HI-CHEW® candy flavors including Soda Pop Mix, Banana, and Kiwi. What’s more, Morinaga America, Inc., the makers of HI-CHEW®, will unveil HI-SOFT™, a delectable salted caramel chew that is the latest addition to its product lineup. Exclusive branded merchandise will be available for purchase including brand-new hoodie designs, beanies, brightly colored fanny packs, and limited edition stickers in each city. With a candy dispenser on-site, visitors will be able to enjoy samples of the newest HI-CHEW® flavors. Additionally, with every purchase of $50 or more, customers will receive a free HI-CHEW® tote bag.

“After the success of our Bite-Size Candy Shop in New York City, our brand fans were eager for more, and we’re excited to be able to bring this experience to them in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Miami this fall,” said Teruhiro Kawabe (Terry), Chief Representative for the USA & President, CEO of Morinaga America, Inc. “As our loyal Chew Crew continues to grow throughout the country, we’re so happy that we can bring the HI-CHEW® pop-up to each of these cities.”

The larger-than-life photo booth experience from the New York City pop-up has been reimagined and will be a must-visit experience at each location. Visitors will feel bite-size surrounded by life-size HI-CHEW® Bites chewlets as if they jumped right into the bag. The photos will be available digitally to share with friends and on social media.

The Bite-Size Candy Shop is inspired by the brand’s newest launch, HI-CHEW® Bites, a convenient way to enjoy your favorite chews on the go with unwrapped chewlets in three of the most popular flavors: Mango, Green Apple, and Strawberry.

To learn more about HI-CHEW® and to see where you can purchase your favorite products, please visit us online at, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram (@HICHEWUSA) and TikTok (@HICHEWUSA).

About Morinaga America, Inc.:
Established in 2008, Morinaga America, Inc. is the official distributor of HI-CHEW®, HI-SOFT™, and Chargel™ in the United States. Morinaga America, Inc. (marketing and sales) and Morinaga America Foods, Inc. (manufacturing) are wholly-owned subsidiaries of Morinaga & Co., Ltd., which began in 1899 as the first, modern candy maker and producer of chocolates in Japan. In 2015, Morinaga America, Inc. opened its first United States manufacturing facility in North Carolina. With over 200 flavors of HI-CHEW® having debuted in Japan, Morinaga America, Inc. has introduced the United States market to the best of Japanese confectionery.

About HI-CHEW®:
The history of Morinaga stretches back over a century when company founder Taichiro Morinaga brought his candy-making skills to Japan from America in the 1800s. HI-CHEW® has long been the best-selling soft candy in Japan and continues to see year-over-year growth throughout other parts of Asia and in the United States. In the United States, HI-CHEW® is currently offered in sticks, peg bags, and stand-up pouches. The HI-CHEW® sticks come in a variety of flavors including Strawberry, Green Apple, Mango, Grape, Banana, Kiwi, Açaí, and Sweet & Sour Watermelon. HI-CHEW® also offers peg bags in the following flavors: Original Mix, Tropical Mix, Superfruit Mix, Sweet & Sour Mix, Soda Pop Mix, Berry Mix, Plus Fruit, Fantasy Mix, and new Reduced Sugar. The Stand-Up Pouches are available in Original Mix, Tropical Mix, Sweet and Sour Mix, Fruit Combos, and Infrusions Orchard Mix. The all-new HI-CHEW® Bites are unwrapped in bite-size packaging in Mango, Green Apple, and Strawberry flavors. HI-CHEW® is made with concentrated fruit juices and is free of gluten, with no colors from synthetic sources. HI-CHEW® continues to expand fruity, chewy flavor offerings annually. In 2020, HI-CHEW® won a Nielsen Design Impact Award for its new Original Mix packaging update that hit shelves in 2019. For more information, visit

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