Find Your Flavor

Blue Hawaii

Take a trip to the tropics with Blue Hawaii’s notes of sweet citrus and hints of pineapple.

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry is a familiar and fantasy-like offering, with a distinct true-to-flavor profile that’s out of this world.

Rainbow Sherbet

With layers of juicy raspberry, lime, and orange flavors, HI-CHEW Rainbow Sherbet tastes like the nostalgic sherbet flavor you know and love.


As juicy and delicious as the real thing, Raspberry HI-CHEWs are always in season.


Taking a burst of flavor to the next level, biting into a Blueberry HI-CHEW is BERRY close to the real thing.

Black Cherry

HI-CHEW’s Black Cherry flavor is sweet and sumptuous, the cherry on top of any flavor mix!


Like biting into a fresh watermelon on a hot summer day, this HI-CHEW™ flavor is incredibly juicy with a punch of sour!

Green Apple

Take a bite out of our classic tart and sweet Green Apple HI-CHEW™ flavor.


A tangy twist on everyone’s favorite exotic fruit! Dragonfruit HI-CHEW™ has real chia seeds and a burst of juicy flavor.


Bursting with flavor, Strawberry is a classic fruit flavor that you won’t want to miss!


Grapefruit HI-CHEW™ has the perfect flavor combination of sweet and sour, all in one pink colored chew.


Refreshingly sweet, packed with a juicy kiwi flavor and made with real chia seeds for one perfectly chewy bite.


Like a fresh, ripe mango just picked off the tree, this HI-CHEW™ delivers a burst of tropical flavor.


Your taste buds will be grape-ful for this sweet, fruity treat with juicy grape flavor in every bite!


When life gives you lemons, embrace the power of sour and ask for Lemon HI-CHEW™!


Made with real chia seeds, this berry delicious HI-CHEW™ flavor is the superfood of fruity-flavored candy.

Cola Soda

Give your taste buds a fun and fizzy experience with the outrageous real soda flavor of Cola Soda.


An a-peel-ingly sweet, fruity treat! Banana HI-CHEW™ gives you the soft, luscious flavor of the fruit with the most a-peel.


The tart, creamy flavor of your favorite yogurt comes to life in every smooth, chewy bite of Yogurt HI-CHEW™.


Inspired by one of Hawaii’s most exotic fruits, Lilikoi is subtly tart and incredibly sweet.


Savor the flavor of a tropical retreat! Take your taste buds on a tip to the tropics with Pineapple HI-CHEW


What could be better than a bagful of your favorite HI-CHEW™ flavor? How about a bag with all your favorite flavors in one? Like our exotic Tropical Mix or our classically flavorful Original Mix.